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Does AL embed any International patents?

Technology incorporated in AL brand of products and it’s software is protected with patents, copyrights, industrial designs and trademarks, and these rights are not transferable. Incorporated patent rights: HR P20040769; ZAP/2010/8418; US 8,309,926; EP2277060; DE 60 2008 021 559.8; DK2277060, HU E017973; AUS 2008355569; WO 2015128682 A1; US 8,786,490; CA2939856A1, US20160011302 A1; and others. Original AL sensor design is a registered industrial design at WIPO, DM 079630-0001. AL, AL Priority and ALP Connect are registered trademarks.

What do I do if my ALPConnect Module keeps disconnecting?

1.) First check if your phone has BT 4.0 or higher, most new phones will be compatible.

2.) Check your socket connection
If the Bluetooth® connection does not work with any phone, the issue may be with an incorrect socket connection. The Control Box connector may have been plugged into the Control Set socket and the Control Set connector may have been plugged into the Control Box socket. Please check your wiring connections, if plugged incorrectly, reconnect the wires in their correct sockets on the  Module.

3.) Incompatible Android version
There is a possibility that the installation of a new Android version on your phone has altered Bluetooth® timings, which is now causing connection issues. Switch to another celphone and update the Firmware from the ALPConnect app which will automatically update the Module to new firmware if available. If the Bluetooth® connection worked prior to the Android update, it should work again with the updated Module Firmware. This should fix most connection issues.

If this does not resolve the issue, the new Android version issued by your phone manufacturer has alterations which will probably be fixed with one of the future Android patches released by your phone manufacturer.

Does updating the ALPConnect Module drain the phone battery?

Update transfer should not have an impact on the battery.

You can always go to System-> Battery and see where the battery is being used most, in 90% of cases the battery drain is caused by the screen.

Decreasing battery percentage WHILE connected to a charger usualy means the charger is an older model, not capable of 1A or more for charging.