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Does AL embed any International patents?

Technology incorporated in AL brand of products and it’s software is protected with patents, copyrights, industrial designs and trademarks, and these rights are not transferable. Incorporated patent rights: HR P20040769; ZAP/2010/8418; US 8,309,926; EP2277060; DE 60 2008 021 559.8; DK2277060, HU E017973; AUS 2008355569; WO 2015128682 A1; US 8,786,490; CA2939856A1, US20160011302 A1; and others. Original AL sensor design is a registered industrial design at WIPO, DM 079630-0001. AL, AL Priority and ALP Connect are registered trademarks.

What do I do if my ALPConnect Module keeps disconnecting?

1.) First check if your phone has BT 4.0 or higher, most new phones will be compatible.

2.) Check your socket connection
If the Bluetooth® connection does not work with any phone, the issue may be with an incorrect socket connection. The Control Box connector may have been plugged into the Control Set socket and the Control Set connector may have been plugged into the Control Box socket. Please check your wiring connections, if plugged incorrectly, reconnect the wires in their correct sockets on the  Module.

3.) Incompatible Android version
There is a possibility that the installation of a new Android version on your phone has altered Bluetooth® timings, which is now causing connection issues. Switch to another celphone and update the Firmware from the ALPConnect app which will automatically update the Module to new firmware if available. If the Bluetooth® connection worked prior to the Android update, it should work again with the updated Module Firmware. This should fix most connection issues.

If this does not resolve the issue, the new Android version issued by your phone manufacturer has alterations which will probably be fixed with one of the future Android patches released by your phone manufacturer.

Does updating the ALPConnect Module drain the phone battery?

Update transfer should not have an impact on the battery.

You can always go to System-> Battery and see where the battery is being used most, in 90% of cases the battery drain is caused by the screen.

Decreasing battery percentage WHILE connected to a charger usualy means the charger is an older model, not capable of 1A or more for charging.

Android Devices that support the ALPConnect Module

ALPConnect requires Android 4.3. or later and is optimized for Android 4.4.  All devices that support Bluetooth® 4.0. can run the application.

It is tested and optimized for:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • HTC One
  • LG G2
  • NOA H43
  • Sony XPERIA E1 Dual Sim

To keep up with Android operating system updates and new/future smartphones/tablets, online updating of the ALPConnect Module is required.

For full compatibility with Android 6+ smartphones use the latest generation of ALPConnect Modules.

Apple Devices that support the ALP Connect Module

ALP Connect Requires Apple devices to run iOS 6.1 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5. All devices that support Bluetooth® 4.0. can run the application.

It is tested and optimised for:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation)
  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPad Air WiFi + Cellular
  • iPad mini with Retina display Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPhone 6 with iOS 8.3 update

The ALP Connect app will work on a current iPod and standard iPad Mini but because they lack GPS, speed information will not be displayed.

To keep up with future iPhone operating system updates and new/future smartphones/tablets, online updating of the ALPConnect Module is required.

CAUTION: Smartphone operating temperatures

Keeping your smartphone within it’s operating temperature

All smartphone manufacturers recommend certain acceptable operating and ambient temperatures for use of their devices. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some recommendations by Apple for iOS devices:

  • use between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F). Lower or higher temperature may change the behaviour of the device.
  • store between -20° and 45° C (-4° to 113° F)
  • avoid leaving in parked cars or in direct sunlight when temperatures exceed given limits

If your iPhone or iPod presents a temperature warning screen turn it off, move it to a cooler place and allow it to cool down.

Smartphone battery behaviour in temperature extremes:


  • the more demands set on the smatrphone the more power it will draw from the battery
  • smartphone battery will give off more heat
  • this can overheat the smartphone
  • if this happens frequently it may damage the device or the battery.


In all of these instances the functioning of a smartphone is impaired and as such applications will not work properly.

It is best to consult your smartphone brand’s specific recommendations on acceptable operating temperatures of your device to prolong it’s life and maintain its flawless operation.

How to setup and upgrade the AL Priority system with a USB flash drive?

  • Install AL set-up application to your computer and run it.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on your PC.
  • The USB flash drive must be formatted to FAT32 or FAT16 (NTFS is not supported). How to format it?
  • Choose your preferred ALP set-up.
  • Save it to the USB drive by clicking on the Save icon.
  • Plug the USB drive into the USB socket of the AL Priority Control Box. The AL system will read the saved file on the USB drive and reprogram to your saved preference.
  • The upgrading process is about 1 minute long.
  • During the firmware upgrading process the LED on the control box and the external LED (if connected) will start flashing in different colours until upgrading is finished.
  • The unit will restart after it upgrades.

Which would offer better protection: an AL Priority with 1 sensor or a competing dual sensor system?

The AL PRIORITY basic system uses one sensor that measures 30x14x57mm. It is a lot smaller and easier to install than sensors from competing products. One AL PRIORITY sensor boasts equal to or even better performance and protection than any competing system with 2 sensors.