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FAQsFrequently asked questions in category: Product performance

How to connect Valentine 1 with the ALP RG Module?

A Valentine 1 supplied power cable should be used to connect to the ALP RG2 plugin.

It is a standard RJ12 telephone cable, a cable up to 4 meters in length can be used instead of the V1 supplied one.

Remember to turn the V1 power knob to the ON position, V1 can not be turned on remotely if its power knob is in the OFF position.

If V1 does not power up when properly connected and the RG2 plugin LED is glowing green try replacing the RJ12 cable for a shorter one or use the V1 supplied power cable. If this does not remedy the issue then either the RG2 plugin or the V1 power connector has a fault and should be repaired/replaced by the supplier.

Which third party devices can be connected to the AL Priority – which radar antennas are compatible?

Currently compatible radar antenna brands: 975 (975, Genevo HD, Radenso, Shadow Stealth, Stealth 3), STiR (STiR, STiR+, 9500CI), STiR-M, Valentine 1, NET-radar. An antenna can be connected to the AL control box using an AL R/G Plugin (optional).

What is the range of the parking sensor, at what distance will the beam register an obstruction?

Parking sensor range to an obstruction can vary from 0 to 3 meters, this can be adjusted to your preference by using the programming button (See Programming) or the AL Priority Setup application . You can choose between 8 levels of sensitivity.
Remember, the AL Priority uses laser beams to detect obstacles so detection range will depend on how reflective the surface of the obstacle is. Parking range will be longer when the obstacle is white or reflective, and could be much shorter if the obstacle is dark. If the obstacle is made of glass, it will not be detected, therefore you should rely on your personal judgment at all times.