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Fast sounding warning with a red light in the first few seconds of operation after installation. What does that mean?

February, 2024 (4 months ago)

The System will notify you if it’s hardware configuration has never been memorized. If right after the first installation it alerts you with fast beeps in the first 5 seconds of operation and with a constant LED red light, then after alert has finished you will need to Reset to factory defaults and memorize sensors:

Long press MENU to enter Yellow menu

Press NEXT five times (5)

Press ENTER.

Then reprogram your System to your desired configuration with your own setup.alp file.

After doing this you may Count sensors to check if the correct number of sensors has been memorized:

Long press MENU to enter Yellow menu

Press NEXT six times (6)

Press ENTER.

The System will let you know the number of connected sensors.