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Understanding and meeting the wishes and needs of our customers is a tool for assuring a strong position and good reputation in the market. | Compliance with the requirements of standards and regulations in the area of confidentiality and customer data protection. | Improving the quality of communication with our business partners in order to understand their requests and problems better, as well as to make our company accessible. | In addition to the traditional values such as professionalism, innovation, expertise and competence, our employees are encouraged and obligated to continue learning and developing new abilities, as well as to create a pleasant and efficient work ambient. | Quality system is assured with regular internal and external audits.

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Next-Level Performance with the New Control Unit V6

The Control Unit V6, with its advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP), sets a new standard in vehicle defense. Operating at a significantly higher frequency than previous models, it offers unmatched precision and efficiency, reducing false alerts and enhancing signal accuracy.

Enhanced precision is achieved with a much higher operating frequency for superior detection. Expanded memory, including increased RAM and flash memory, ensures better performance. Reliability is boosted with improved self-test functionality and hardware durability. Real-time response capabilities enable rapid detection and response for continuous protection.

Key features include real-time DSP technology, enhanced self-test functionality, robust hardware upgrades, and optimized software. Upgrade to the V6 for unparalleled vehicle protection against advanced threats. Please have detailed a look at New Control Unit V6.

Need more protection? Try the new TX BLACK sensors from ALP

The TX Black is a new and most powerful sensor created as a result of extensive research and development. It is designed to offer customers more protection and boasts a triple horizontal transmitter design. Performance improvements are of more than 50% compared with its predecessor.

Emitting the TX signal in a three-way horizontal pattern ensures that the signal will punch through the infra-red clogged space of modern streets and highways and will get through to the receiver. This was done to keep ahead of evolving industry conditions enabling more confidence in the application of the product. The sensor has extreme resistance to interferences and has plug and play functionality for easy connection to the AL Priority Control Unit.

ALP incorporating TX Black sensors can sum up to 15 transmitters total system power with up to 7 sensors connections, making it the strongest setup available. TX Black together with our other ALP products and modules comprises the ALPriority system. Please have a look at TX Black

Control Unit Rev. 4.0

In our ongoing effort to offer the best possible user experience and customer satisfaction we are proud to present the Control Unit Rev. 4.0.

Widely available by the end of summer!

Improvements have been made to keep ahead of evolving industry conditions with expanded memory enabling wider scope of current and future features and functions. The new Control Box requires a GPS receiver to function properly. In some markets a GPS antenna was already a requirement so the natural progression was to design additional modules around this that further increase the functionality in the new revision. Product testing and support issue resolution are also streamlined and simplified by reducing the number of different system setups.



New RG Plugin 2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of the new ALP RG Plugin 2. The new Plugin enables the use of the Valantine 1 radar detector. V1 alerts will now be announced over the ALP.

ALP RG Plugin 2

ALP Supports V1

ALP now supports the Valentine 1 radar detector. When connected, V1 alerts will be announced over the ALP system. This option is ONLY available with the NEW RG Plugin 2!

New products released. ALPConnect Bluetooth module

This optional module enables wireless connection to your AL Priority® with your iPhoneTM or iPodTM

Search for ALPConnect in iTunes and download the application for wireless control, display and sound over your Apple device.


ALP Radar / GPS Plugin

This optional module enables radar and GPS antenna connection to your AL Priority®

At this time the compatible radar devices are: BEL 975, BEL STiR, BEL STiR-M, SHADOW STEALTH.

V1 and GPS connection is under development.

Register your product online to be informed about our latest news and updates.

ALPConnect application released

We are developing wireless control for our products. The result of this development is the ALPConnect application that has been released to iTunes. The application is being tested. Once we confirm it is fully functional to our initial requirements we will release a BlueTooth module. Stay tuned for our news!

Our website has launched!

We are pleased to announce that our new website has officially launched. We hope you will enjoy it and find that it contains all the information you need to learn more about our new AL Priority model. The AL Priority has been released for sale in most of our current markets simultaneously. We continue to develop additional gadgets and will inform you about their availability in the Autumn.
New ALP owners are invited to register their product, and provide us with their initial feedback.
Thank you for your support and we hope you will enjoy!