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Next-Level Performance with the New Control Unit V6

Precision Powerhouse: The Cutting-Edge in Vehicle Protection Technology

The Control Unit V6 has an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP), setting a new standard in vehicle defense capabilities. This processor is specifically optimized for high-intensity signal processing, offering unmatched precision and efficiency in handling complex signal environments.

Core Enhancements

Enhanced Frequency and Measurement Precision: Operating at a maximum frequency of over 200MHz – more than twice higher than the previous model – our control unit provides unparalleled signal detection and measurement accuracy. This precision is crucial for reducing false alerts and accurate signal filtering, ensuring reliable data for analyzing and responding to advanced threats.

Expanded Memory for Enhanced Performance

Internal RAM (64kB): Increased RAM capacity allows for extended and higher quality signal recordings, enabling faster processing and better performance compared to external memory options.

Internal Flash Memory (512kB): With four times more memory space than its predecessor our device can accommodate more sophisticated programming code for comprehensive signal processing and the inclusion of advanced features.

Reliability Enhancements

Self-Test Functionality: This feature has been improved to automatically monitor the functional status of your system, ensuring operational reliability and continuous protection.

Advanced Hardware Upgrades: Newly added components and hardware protections significantly diminishes the risk of physical malfunctions, thus enhancing the durability of your system.

Software Optimization: The software has been optimized for superior signal detection and response, resulting in significantly fewer false alerts and improved system effectiveness.

Real-Time Response Capabilities

The enhanced running frequency of the Control Unit V6 ensures a rapid detection and response system, maintaining continuous and reliable protection against advanced threats.

Key Features Include

Real-time DSP technology

Higher operating frequency enables quick threat detection and response.


Ensures transmitter reliability through immediate malfunction alerts.

Hardware Enhancements

Increased device resilience and robustness.

Software Upgrades

Greater accuracy and efficiency in signal processing.

Upgrade Your Ride – Choose the New Control Unit V6 for Unmatched Protection

The Control Unit V6 transcends traditional technology, offering a comprehensive solution designed to confront the challenges of modern high-density signal environments. Upgrade your vehicle’s defense system with our latest V6 model.