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About AL PriorityAbout productAbout the product

AL PRIORITY is the successor to the World's first multipurpose car parking sensor

The smallest and most powerful sensor available, with an internet upgradeable and user programmable control unit, featuring handy new add-ons

  • Al Priority Smallest and strongest sensor Al Priority Smallest and strongest sensor
    Smallest and strongest sensor Smallest Smallest
  • Al Priority Laser coverage Al Priority Laser coverage
    Laser coverage Laser coverage Coverage
  • Al Priority Fast processing Al Priority Fast processing
    Fast processing Fast processing Faster
  • Al Priority More effective Al Priority More effective
    More effective More effective Effective
  • Al Priority User friendly and informative Al Priority User friendly and informative
    User friendly and informative User friendly Friendly
  • Al Priority Upgrades and setup Al Priority Upgrades and setup
    Upgrades and setupe Upgrades and setup Upgradeable
  • Al Priority Multipurpose Al Priority Multipurpose
    Multipurpose Multipurpose Multipurpose

The latest laser detection technology

ALP incorporates our patented laser technology that is a significant improvement in the industry, ensuring higher precision, weak signal detection with extreme resistance to temperature changes and foreign light interferences, specifically the rays of the Sun.

Al Priority as a parking sensor

AL PRIORITY is, as its predecessors were, a completely functional parking assist device operating on the 905 nm light frequency. It constantly emits laser signals and recognizes them when reflected from an obstacle, consequently warning the user. Parking detection range can be custom set to your preferred level within 8 available PDC options. Getting closer to an obstacle will speed up the parking alert tone. Thanks to the advanced program code the system will discriminate between laser signals coming from other laser sources. If normal operation gets interfered with by another laser source on the same light frequency, the ALP will try to maintain its perfect functioning. Should it recognize itself as a potential source of interference to another system, to official speed measuring devices for example, the ALP system is programmed to reset within seconds.

AL Priority Heritage

The AL Line of laser based parking sensors was developed in 1998. It was the first of its kind in the World. First sales began in 2000 with the 2nd Generation model.

The original design and manufacture was undertaken by the inventor himself. All subsequent Generations are still designed and produced entirely in Croatia to this day.

This lengthy evolution has yielded a versatile product that is small in size but boasts unsurpassed laser sensitivity.

AL Priority Device Parts

  • Al Priority Control Box

    Control Box

    The central part and the brain unit of the AL PRIORITY. It includes a Dual processor, an upgradeable flash memory and a complex power supply unit. Up to 5 sensors can be connected to it, three in the front and two in the rear. Radar and GPS antennas can also be connected to it. The USB socket is used for upgrades and custom setup.

  • Al Priority Outer Sensor

    Outer Sensor

    Receives laser pulses using our own patented Four diode receiver design. It emits its own Laser flashes in search of a target using only Original Osram laser diodes. It feeds back the information to "the brain" and executes its instructions making it the Eyes and Ears of the AL Priority.

  • Al Priority Control Set

    Control Set

    Connects to the Control Box and is used for communicating with the system. It includes a multicolor light diode, a speaker, and two multifunctional control keys used for powering on/off and for system programming. A separate LED control display is supplied for extra visibility..