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I have an AL G9 system in my car and would like to upgrade to an AL Priority. Can this be done?

February, 2024 (4 months ago)

In light of new functions and modules that have been developed for the AL Priority since it’s first release (July-2013); the AL Priority offers limited compatibility with AL G9, G9RX and G9RX2 sensors.

The AL Priority has evolved significantly since it’s first release and continues to be further technically improved. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee indefinite support and full compatibility of all previous sensor versions with the newest ALP releases and modules.

G9 and G9 RX 2 sensors are not capable of performing specific new functions that have been introduced in 2014. Therefore, you may expect to have your old sensors run by the ALP system up to a certain firmware version only. To enjoy full functionality of your system it is recommended that you upgrade to the new AL Priority sensor.

By upgrading to the AL Priority, whenever possible, you will gain a much faster system, that is upgradeable over the internet, with numerous ways to reprogram system settings. You will also gain compatibility with third party radar equipment, such as BEL or Shadow Stealth antennas.

You may replace your old sensor models with the latest ALP sensors when your older sensors start limiting you from taking full advantage of the new features of the AL Priority.

Do not hesitate to contact us to verify if the hardware version of your sensors is compatible with the AL Priority. You can do this by sending us the serial numbers of your old AL sensors.